Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Change We Require is Found Between Our Ears

Let me begin with this statement. “Its up to us what will happened, our former thoughts, words and actions have become our present state and only new, changed, healing thoughts, words and actions will generate a new present state, one of health and the well being we all seek. Change will not occur without change.”

Our bodies have a very remarkable and wonderful innate ability to heal themselves if we simply stop doing the things that have caused the disease and then feed them the foods they require to do what they do naturally, heal.

So how do we stop doing things that cause us harm? To do so we must understand why we've done these things in the past? We all just want to be happy, we don't want to be in pain whether it be physical or emotional. Much of why we are sick today is the path we’ve taken to deal with such pain, i.e. the things we ate, smoked, drank, watched and listened to in an effort to relieve this suffering. Yes, these things do work, but just for a moment and in that moment they also accumulate in us harm. Harm to our flesh and harm to our mind. With this said we must conclude job one is to see and accept that what we must work on is our motives, why we do what we do, before we can change the actions, thoughts and words that have harmed us.

So instead of offering a diet I suggest we find a spiritual practice. A meditation that will offer us a clear view of why we do things that harm our precious body-mind and stand between us and our path to a new way of life. One that offers healing and the vital, happy life we all seek.

It's up to you what will 

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