Friday, May 29, 2009

press those greens

I love to cook, eat, and talk about it.. here's a recipe I believe will be new to most... I hope u enjoy...

Pressed Salad
by Macro Mom - Sarah Forrester Wendt

This morning I made a pressed salad to go with lunch . Pressing is a way of marinating vegetables under pressure in order to make them more digestible. Pressed salad is often used in small amounts, or as a condiment.

1 carrot, cut into thin rectangles
1/4 cabbage, shredded
4 red radishes, sliced into thin rounds
1 green onion, sliced thinly
1tsp sea salt

Mix all ingredients together and squeeze a little with your hands.
Put into a salad/pickle press or in a bowl with a plate on top.
Put a weight on top of the plate to help press out water.
After 45 min-hour rinse the vegetables and serve a small amount with your meal.

what looks?

what looks through our eyes and hears through our ears is everlasting... we host it's view for a time, then space, then another host, but the one who views is never is lost, it goes round and round and round... all is well.... smiles....

Friday, May 15, 2009

cutting, burning, poisoning


I just finished watching the piece on Farrah Fawcett’s fight against cancer. This viewing has again reinforced my great disgust with western medicine’s approach to treating cancer.

Nothing they did worked; nothing lasted for more than a while, each time making her weaker and weaker, less able to fight this thing with the only real hope, that of her own body’s natural ability to heal…

Oh the suffering they caused this dear being. Here is someone with the resources to fight, the will to fight, but who made all the wrong choices by choosing to continue the western mode, although leaving the county to find others not available here, but still western, burning, cutting, poisoning…

All this for nothing... for even if she had not found an alternative cure I’m an convinced her quality of life would have been far better just eating and drinking powerful, clean, whole foods…

May she pass into space with a clear mind, may this clarity return her here again to evolve to a higher state… A state that if this were to manifest once more, she would see more clearly the path to take.

May all beings have happiness… OM MANI PADME HUNG…..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

having and realizing

To see one must open one’s eyes. This too is an action…

The piece below was written in response to a so-called swami who was encouraging all to stop going for something we already have. He quoted Abinavagupta… "how and for whom can progress be made, and who, by degree, can enter into infinity?" in other words..we need not achieve what we already have.”

He also stated later in his note… “the constant struggle to "rationalize" our contradictions consumes tremendous energy, and is doomed to failure. growing the flow brings integration, peace, and the tremendous expansion of our creative energy.....ahhh! bliss...!"

Some truth here, but not enough said, so I replied.

Yes I agree, but perhaps this is a bit too rigid a statement for me... I agree that the constant reaching for growth without the wisdom and a vehicle to get there is a waste of energy and therefore a waste of life, this very precious one. But coming to the understanding that we already have these things we’re reaching out for is also part of the path, and therefore this awaking is worth the effort…

Also there is an evolution that I see as part of living. If we believe in karma, cause and effect, then we also see there is some place to go, some movement, growth, evolution to attain. As with everything the kind of mind we follow this path with and our motivations are key. Are we “still” while moving, or are we a mess; grasping and cleaving… is our motivation to benefit ourselves in order to benefit others, or something less compassionate and loving?

Lastly, the concept of "flow,” although a sweet understanding, is just another label and therefore something else to attain, grasp for and cleave to… As always these are just my humble opinions…


Sunday, May 3, 2009

a broken reciever...

Life is precious... In order to see it clearly requires a healthy body, for mind is perceived/received by it, and a broken radio receives no stations… Take care…

Friday, May 1, 2009

be your own mirror - life is short


In your meditation you yourself are the mirror reflecting the solution of your problem. The human mind has absolute freedom within its true nature. You can attain your freedom intuitively. Do not work for freedom; rather allow your practice itself to be liberation.

Life is short and no one knows what the next moment will bring. Open your mind while you have the opportunity, thereby gaining the treasures of wisdom, which in turn you can share abundantly with others, bringing them happiness.

From the Fukanzazengi