Sunday, May 10, 2009

having and realizing

To see one must open one’s eyes. This too is an action…

The piece below was written in response to a so-called swami who was encouraging all to stop going for something we already have. He quoted Abinavagupta… "how and for whom can progress be made, and who, by degree, can enter into infinity?" in other words..we need not achieve what we already have.”

He also stated later in his note… “the constant struggle to "rationalize" our contradictions consumes tremendous energy, and is doomed to failure. growing the flow brings integration, peace, and the tremendous expansion of our creative energy.....ahhh! bliss...!"

Some truth here, but not enough said, so I replied.

Yes I agree, but perhaps this is a bit too rigid a statement for me... I agree that the constant reaching for growth without the wisdom and a vehicle to get there is a waste of energy and therefore a waste of life, this very precious one. But coming to the understanding that we already have these things we’re reaching out for is also part of the path, and therefore this awaking is worth the effort…

Also there is an evolution that I see as part of living. If we believe in karma, cause and effect, then we also see there is some place to go, some movement, growth, evolution to attain. As with everything the kind of mind we follow this path with and our motivations are key. Are we “still” while moving, or are we a mess; grasping and cleaving… is our motivation to benefit ourselves in order to benefit others, or something less compassionate and loving?

Lastly, the concept of "flow,” although a sweet understanding, is just another label and therefore something else to attain, grasp for and cleave to… As always these are just my humble opinions…


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