Friday, May 15, 2009

cutting, burning, poisoning


I just finished watching the piece on Farrah Fawcett’s fight against cancer. This viewing has again reinforced my great disgust with western medicine’s approach to treating cancer.

Nothing they did worked; nothing lasted for more than a while, each time making her weaker and weaker, less able to fight this thing with the only real hope, that of her own body’s natural ability to heal…

Oh the suffering they caused this dear being. Here is someone with the resources to fight, the will to fight, but who made all the wrong choices by choosing to continue the western mode, although leaving the county to find others not available here, but still western, burning, cutting, poisoning…

All this for nothing... for even if she had not found an alternative cure I’m an convinced her quality of life would have been far better just eating and drinking powerful, clean, whole foods…

May she pass into space with a clear mind, may this clarity return her here again to evolve to a higher state… A state that if this were to manifest once more, she would see more clearly the path to take.

May all beings have happiness… OM MANI PADME HUNG…..


Anita said...

HI Gabriel,
I saw that and felt the same sad. I wish she would use food and herbs, along with accupuncture, Qigong, etc. I have used energy healing and chanting plus Chinese herbal medicine to get rid of a malignant blood clot/growth in Lily, my dog. We avoided dangerous and expensive surgery that could have endangered her life because the mass was sitting very close to her kidney. They were ready to operate when her energy was very very low. I said "no" to that and took the holistic route. I firmly beleive she would not have made it off the table....they don't care. It's all about the thousands of dollars they would have made. We have the power to command our cells to heal (which they are programmed to do anyway) But, intention makes it more powerful. I have been using the methods taught by Dr. Sha and I strongly reccommend them. He has a and has written many books.

Donald Sheldon said...


I totally agree with you and idea current medical treatment for cancer "Just does not work" as Dr Dean Ornish says having practiced conventional medicine for 30+ years. Do what to do? Demonstrate, tell success storied, educate with statistics, force conventional medicine to tell the truth about healing rates and stop the facade that living five years after diagnosis is successful healing when it is not. Challenge all conventional claims and force honesty from the cancer industry. Refer people to things that work like Ann Wigmore ( and Dr T Simoncini

Keep focusing on the`success that you demonstrate and observe.

Donald Sheldon