Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dissatisfied with Things “As They Are”

My friends, I only offer what I see and what I see here in my world is all too often a society filled with human beings who are lost in their consumerism. They are trapped in an endless cycle of buying and losing. A perpetual cycle satisfied and dissatisfaction, never finding a place, a sable place, where enough is enough. A place where they can find joy in the natural course of things, of aging and falling away, even their own precious bodies.

I’m a physician. As such I have a insiders view of the motives of many who come to a doctors office for help. Yes, some come with true issues, a pathology that needs be addressed, but there are those, many, who come to have the faces and bodies reworked, trying to defeat father time, chasing down wrinkles, sucking out fat and injecting it elsewhere, etc, etc. Others who want to be sexually active in the same fashion they were in their twenties and thirties, asking for little blue pills or Chinese herb formulas to recreate the essence that has been lost to time.

This dissatisfaction with things “as they are” is a cancer. One that often takes much more than it gives. One that makes us incapable of sitting quietly and observing our lives passing with joy, in peace, and with the knowledge that “all is well” just as things are...

I'm not condemning "anti aging protocols" staying as healthy and vital posible as long as one naturally can. What I am addressing are the unnatural goals and unhealthy efforts many desire and take.

As an herbalist and practitioner of Chinese medicine I am very much aware of how to reinforce the body, to offer it more vital years and how to even bring back some things lost too soon because of abuse or neglect. This path I have no issues with because the end results can be both sustainable and not cause other issues. But many of these herbs used to return vitality are consider "hot"and these hot herbs when used in excess, for too long or in a poorly designed formula can burn up the body's fluids, one of which is blood. Having energy without blood is a short term gain and one that leads to more problems beyond aging, sometimes even death. I've heard of men ejaculating blood after misusing such herbs, not a good thing.

So what I am advising is two fold. First, try to reconcile yourself with the truth of life, that being "all things must a pass".  Second, that moderate use natural methods can return or maintain levels of vitality and appearance many lose too soon, but trying to maintain them beyond nature's boundaries is unwise and often ends in disaster. 

If you are looking for "safe help" in maintaining your vitality and good looks please don't take advice and buy products from those whose only motives are to take your money or from those with little or no medical training. If you do I promise the end will be worse than where you would have found yourself doing nothing.

If you'd like to discuss this further I offer affordable thirty minute consults on the phone or at my office. Any who know me will tell you I am a living example of what can be accomplished. 

I wish you all well… gi

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