Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Manifesting Stuff

A Secret cyber friend asked of me “can we deliberately create what we wish, really wish, to experience?”

I replied - I believe we can manifest what we desire, but the exactness of this process is not so clear.

"The Secret" crowd and the "Name it and Claim it" Christians are totally into speaking things into existence, but from experience and observation I have found little evidence these things work other than by the efforts these folks have placed into obtaining the things they wish for after they wish for them.

So to me it appears that making affirmations motivate human beings to take action and therefore help them create something, but that’s not what these folks are talking about. They postulate that if we ask the universe, God, for something and if we are good boys and girls that thing will come to pass via the influence of something, someone, outside of ourselves. That god, the universe, is going to supernaturally create the things we’ve asked for because they've been asked the right way. This I reject.

I think it is good to solidify ones goals by placing them into words and writings. The danger of such is not whether it works or not, but that of having expectations in the first place. Do expectations bring joy and freedom or are they just a form of bondage. A bondage to desire, and does that desire prohibit us from living clearly and cause us to lose our today reaching for a “better” tomorrow, I think so. This is a reflection of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with this moment, the only life we really have to live, living with the hope that tomorrow will bring us what is missing.

We truly need to ask ourselves if this life in capitalistic America, the west in general, is truly a real life or is it just a "rat on a wheel" existence? A life created by the money people to entice us to chase after little rewards; a car, house, a short vacation, while they live like kings and queens. We have become like worker bees who spend our entire lives working only to benefit their queen. 

Isn't, shouldn't, there be a more genuine existence? I think so... I truly do...

"There is never enough of that which does not satisfy"

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