Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All Real Foods are Super Foods

All "real foods" are "super foods".  Yet depending on how we select, prepare and combine them with other foods they will either be helpful or do us harm.

Superfoods has become a catch word for the many foods and products that have come out of the health foods movement of the last twenty years. Unfortunately many of these items have been misrepresented, misused, and extremely overpriced based on overblown and ill informed or just plain deceitful marketing claims. Claims such as; heals all cancers, cures diabetes, lengthen life and extreme sexual vitality. Even when some of the claims have some truth, those offering the items do not have the education or wisdom to sell these with proper disclosure and instructions.

Many people in a quest to reap the promised benifits are taken advantage of losing both money and even their health and at the very least finding no benefit at all.

An example is Lu Rong a Chinese herb made from deer antler. Many in the raw food and health communities have picked up on this herb for it empowering abilities; strengthening the body, longevity and the sexual prowess it is said to offer, but if one would take the time to read the "Materia Medica" one would find a whole list of conditions it would aggravate, but none of these are even offered to potential buyers and the crazy prices I've seen asked are little more than a rip off.

Here's one I just found: VELVET PLATINUM — 30 ML - $240.

Seriously 30ml? I can buy a pound of velvet for $300. I find it sad and disturbing.

Even dear Dr Ann Wigmore
has been taken out of context. Her protocol of raw foods and wheat grass was meant as a healing protocol, not something to live on. The Chinese state "raw food is too cooling to the body" (just like Lu Rong is too hot for some) and will debilitate the sick if consumed too long and weaken the health, especially of the sick, weak, old or those who live in cold climates and tend to feel cold when others around them are not.

The point is all foods have their properties, hot, warm, cold, cooling, moving, stabilizing, some go up, others go down and so much more.

But for many all they require is Real Food prepared well. Real foods are the foods that can be recognized without an ingredients label. Really foods are foods that have been untouched, grown in clean earth or water without chemicals and other poisons and NOT genetically modified. 

When we change our diets from processed food to real food, learn a little about how to prepare them without killing their nutritional value; then we will find our health blossoming, maladies falling way without intervention and years, vibrant years, added to our lives.

Please don't take your advice from a post, a single article or tv show (The Dr's) or follow fads that pop up all the time. Do your due diligence. Know what your doing and eating. Your life and happiness depends on it.

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