Friday, February 26, 2016

The Words that Come Out of Your Mouth go into Your Ears and are The Ones you Most Believe

The words that come out of your mouth go into your ears and are the ones you most believe. 

If you are sick, especially attempting to return from a chronic or so-called terminal situation, know that everything you do, eat, think and say will contribute to either your healing or your disease.

My suggestion is to keep this mantra (affirmation) in mind, say it often. 

When you eat say "this is for my healing,” exercise "this is for my healing,” taking supplements "this is for my healing,” meditating, "this is for my healing”. In other words let your body/mind know what you’re doing and why. It worked for me, try it yourself.

Also know it took me years to achieve my healing. This is not something for those without a strong will and stick-to-itiveness. You must stay on the course, a day of backsliding will take you weeks backwards. So please carry on like your life depends on it, because it does.

Be Well, Much Love... gi 

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