Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life is to be Eaten a Bite at a Time

Often our mind is like a television viewer who owns a DVR (digital video recorder) who while watching a program is constantly stopping, going back, and reviewing the past scenes, again stopping, wondering and checking ahead to see what will come next.  Such a person never finds and enjoys the true essence of the broadcast for they are never present with it for more than a moment.

Our minds are like a receiver.  The grey matter between our ears can also store and project, but know this; only the momentary arising’s, the live broadcast, is real... all the rest is either over or has yet to come.

Do not lose your now, stay there, eat it like a fine meal; don’t worry about the appetizer you have completed, don’t project yourself into the desert course, just in enjoy your “meal” one course at a time. I promise it will taste much better.

Be well…gi

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