Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What disturbs you?


Hello my friends... I’m soon to leave, but a sweet friend reminded me of all those who enjoy my words and offered the topic “attaining peace.” Oh not too big a topic ha? It's ok, I’ll offer my opinion and all will do with it as they please...

Peace, what is peace? For me it is attaining balance, for where balance is achieved many of the items that disturb our peace will have been dealt with... but it’s a bit more difficult than words lead us to believe, for peace of mind is the cornerstone to peace in general, for we may have all the practical, physical things all in order yet still be disturbed, very disturbed.

So what causes these disturbances? I have come to the conclusion it is our perpetual evaluation of all that surrounds us and our equally perpetual dissatisfaction with what has arisen, the things we call our lives. So how do we change this?

First we need to take a close look at what we desire in order acheive satisfaction. let me ask "what will satisfy you?" Next look at that list to see if what is listed are items that truly satisfy; are substantial and lasting, or are we placing our hopes and expectations on shifting sand? (best to not expect anything, just live)

The next item is our mind, the state of it and our clear view of what it is viewing and what these views generate in our mind. This is best done via a simple mediation offered to lessen the reactiveness of our minds, this reactive state is what keeps us unhappy, disturbed, for things we don’t like, have aversion to, are all a part of the stream of consciences that passes each of our noses every moment of the day.

This is a general idea of what to do. While sitting watching these arisings, we let them pass without evaluation, by doing so we find we need not follow every leaf that floats down the stream, just see them, recognize their appearance, and let them pass. This practice builds the ability to walk, drive, sit, play or make love in the moment, no projecting, no evaluating, just living, in this moment, this slice of life, knowing all is well.

If we are breathing well, are without pain, then all is well, even if we are not, seeing these so called negative things clearly, accepting their existence, and as such, the way things are, offer us peace... try it..

If you or your group desires instruction in mind training I offer a secular version of a combination of both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist strategies for working with mind, finding peace, knowing one self... If you’d like me to speak to your group, offer instruction, etc. I am available based on an hourly rate + expenses... I also offer private instruction.

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