Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time Well Spent

Let's trust ourselves... Be brave.
Hello my friends...  I'm a practicing Buddhist. One who is open to hearing from many sources. While practicing I've been exposed to practitioners of all sorts, seeking knowledge they studying the dharma, meditate and consult with their teachers and "space". The are those who study little, instead perpetually dive off the springboard of the foundational truth “space is information” believing there is no need to learn what others know, that it is best to learn for oneself though communicating with "space" on ones pillow (in meditation).
Now it is said, all is empty, everything composite is illusion and that we live and swim in an impermanent soup of perception composed of a composite of all things manifest, a soup which has no reality in itself demostrated by the fact it does not last, falls away the instant it has manifest, and as such is unreal. Also unreliable in the next moment. 
This is all good, but to what end is this information to be used, and how much of it is needed in order to live this life well and to do the work of a Buddha; an awake compassionate human being?
To think too much about something which has no fundamental reality (if you believe it is so) is a waste of our precious lives, time better spent living the life of a bodhisattva (a compassionate being whose intentions and actions are aimed at relieving suffering, that of their own and others) for to know and not do has little worth, and to do without knowledge will bring little positive results. We need to find balance.
So who can answer this question of balance? Well certainly not me for you, instead we all have this responsibility to find balance between compassion and wisdom, doing and knowing, and the time spent in these activities, for our lives are short, our time precious, and the needs to be met great.
I encourage all who are “on their way” to use their minds, to not be like lemmings who jump to their death following what’s in front of their nose whether it be true or not because of their fear of not knowing, or possibly “doing it wrong.” My friends once you have found your way to the silence found in communing with space trust in what arises before you, be fearless in your actions, and do good.
This way of living will never betray you, for all gurus, lamas and roshis know they have received from the source of all knowledge and would point you there. Run from any who would point to themselves. Go there today and harvest your bounty. Eat it and give it away in a loving hug to all sentient beings...