Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something to consider on the 4th of July

Is this our plan or thiers?

On this 4th of July let us spend a moment to consider what sort of country we want, then consider whether this is the country we have. If we find these two do not reconcile, do something. Living in a county is like living with a lover, passive participation on one side makes one member too powerful, the other too weak...

So get involved, not by joining a group, a party, but instead by living the life that reflects the government you desire. If u find u can’t live that life because of how things are, then you will know the government you have must change.

Take it from an x hippie revolutionary, it is time for a revolution, not one driven by guns and death, but one driven by conscience people who have decided this cannot be, and are willing to perhaps give up some of their toys to have an America worth living in.

This is a bit harder for those who have become convinced all is well for they have gained some financial "success." They drive their expensive cars, live in their big homes and really don’t have to think about much other than keeping up the lifestyle. (a curse all its own)
Know that this life and other less extravagant ones are all part of the game. What is today considered “success” is a finely crafted model, one crafted by huge corporations and their marketing companies.

They have said...

“we’ll set up this life that will be just beyond the reach of most; this will keep them striving, grasping for it. It will have different levels; each level will allow these rats in a maze to, for a while, fell like the big fish on the block, therefore having a moment of satisfaction.

Of course this will be fleeting, causing them to want to jettison their life and move on to the next; the next car, next house, next partner, next… this will be their life, wanting, getting, finding dissatisfaction, wanting more, finding, getting, more dissatisfaction. This will keep them ever buying and tossing away what they have bought, they will be an ever consuming people, a marketer’s/manufactures dream”

This is my view… Happy 4th of July… smiles…

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