Friday, July 3, 2009

balls, knives, fists and guns

Why do we reward people for playing with balls?

Golf, basketball, baseball, football, tennis… What are we telling the universe with such a message, is it that we appreciate the primal more than the evolved human being? What are we telling our children?

Are we so removed from who we are that we must live this primal battlefield activity displayed in modern terms in order to feel strong and alive?

I also see this violent propensity in many who call themselves evolved, enlightened, realized. Using the rationale of “protector” for this mindset; fighting, martial arts, playing with all sort of weapons.

Are human beings moving in this direction or is the evolving being moving away from such? Is it not true that where we place our intention and attention, these are the things that grow, manifest?

Wake up my armored friends. Violence will not create peace no matter how high you stack the bodies…


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