Thursday, March 5, 2009

got it, lost it

The pain of consumerism... again...

This was written in reply to my message evolve. I believe it worth posting. enjoy.

Dear lady... Wonderful to see the spirit of my words also touch people across the ocean... I’ve been relationship with a sweet lady in DK, and although she is cultivated, mindful, etc, even she cannot help but fall into this trap from time to time. The pressure of having children living here and now makes it hard for they are living in a world that is soo consumed with stuff. stuff, stuff...

Who would have thought just a few year ago that children, 8 and 10 year olds would have cell phones in their pockets, and even worse on their ears, attacking their developing brains. This is not only harmful to their minds, but to their body's and a drain on middle class folk's pocket, also offering a terrible message to the children, placing them at such a young age on the roller coaster of consumerism.

I’ve heard just in this year the cry of upgrade, upgrade as even these young ones find themselves yearning to have the latest gadgets, feeling somehow “less than” because their things are not up to par with their other more affluent friends… A few years ago it was jeans and sneakers, now $400 toys. When will this end?

I'm not saying we cannot have some things to make our live more comfortable. I would not like to live as they did 100 years back, some progress is welcome, but comfort and joy are too different things. I do not believe we find any real joy from stuff, only temporary delusion, thinking “ahhhh all is well,” just to see it all slip away as the shit rots before our eyes and again we suffer, back on the wheel of “got it, lost it.”

No no... please please... let's stop the insanity!!!

Smiles... gi

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