Thursday, October 20, 2016


I became at veggie in 1968, a raw vegan in 2001, and today a organic real food prepared properly human being. I eat just about everything as long as it has maintained its integrity, not denatured. As a matter of fact I cycle my diets from omnivore, to raw vegan to lacto-ovo veggie.

I believe any doctor or so-called health counselor (now a dime a dozen and most are worthless) who believes all their patients/clients should be vegan, veggie or anything else have missed the point. Based our lineage, health and constitution some people do well on one diet while others do terribly on the very same foods. The idea that everyone should be vegan or raw, etc is nonsense. Much of the problems people have with food is bc of its quality, its preparation, or just plain abuse of it...
                             MY FAMILY'S BUTCHER SHOP 1915

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