Saturday, April 2, 2016

No Single Diet

These days people want a simple, one diet fits all approach to eating and often jump on fads rather than using their logical mind to find what's best. Someone builds a website or writes a book with pretty pictures of a pretty human being looking good after eating one way for a while and everyone wants to follow. Not So Fast…

Please don’t delude yourself into believing you have found a “diet” that if followed will always be the best for you. There is more to consider than simple guidelines i.e., eat only vegetables, eat only proteins, eat only organic, don't eat carbs, dairy, meats, etc. Such suggestions will surely lead you to a very unbalanced state.

Our lineage, where our ancestors came from, what they ate, survived on for centuries has much to do with what sustains us, what our bodies respond best to and what they reject. Let’s consider dairy. 

There are people of this world whose diet is almost completely made up of dairy. The Mongolians live off of their cattle’s milk, so do the Tibetans. Yak milk and butter not only feed them but also light their homes and their dung warms them through their cold winters. 

Others, like some tribes of Africa live not only on the milk for their animals but also on their blood, rarely killing them because owning a few head was often all they had, but milk their blood just as they milk the milk from them. The combination of blood and milk is a powerful food that make these people some of the strongest in Africa.

 Still others like the North African and Middle Eastern people live on a carbohydrate rich diet, every meal include grains, some eaten as is, some made into breads which are the foundation to their diet. So many today fear such, but upon closer examination I find there are those, especially those from these backgrounds, that exhibit no allergy at all towards gluten.

Staying with carbohydrates, grains which have been demonized in books like Grain Brain we must look towards the Asian where many such as the Japanese and Chinese live almost exclusively on rice, not only live, but thrived on it and their brains are just fine.

The evidence is clear. After generations of consuming certain food groups as their primary source of nourishment human beings have adapted on a cellular level to thrive on foods some other humans do not. Unfortunately often for the sake of selling a book or promoting a lifestyle some have demonized or promoted one group of food over another and that in my opinion is a very unwise decision.

I prefer and advise people through trial, error and investigation of their roots to identify and eat the foods they are best adapted. To not follow fad diets that some seem to do well on, but to instead use their own minds and bodies to come up with a diet that is best suited to maintain “their” optimum health.

I must close this piece by stating. There are diets to live on and others to heal on. Don’t confuse them. Many of the fads diets of the last twenty-five years began as healing protocols i.e. the vegan diet/raw food and primal diets. If you do your homework you’ll find as I did in a very practical way these diets where meant to detox and heal and that if followed beyond a certain point will injure you. I found this true when I was dying and tried to heal exclusively on the Ann Wigmore protocol.
 After a while it became debilitating, too cleansing and cold after the cleanse was over.  I found I needed to change to a Raw Fat based diet to complete my healing. Know what? It worked. 

I am available for consults both in my office and by phone. I have helped many turn their lives around. Let me help you heal and thrive…gi 

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