Friday, April 1, 2016

My Experience with Dr Ann Wigmore's Protocol

The original healing protocol and facility created by Ann Wigmore the mother of wheatgrass was a simple, inexpensive and compassionate program of healing, one based on the idea that via cleansing and re-nourishing the body it would return to health.

I spent some weeks at Creative Health Institute in Hodunk Michigan in the early 2000’s. I was broke, broken, dying and had few options. Upon arriving I was assured I would not be asked to leave before the miracle manifested as long as I participated in the program and helped around the facility in any way I was able. This was called “energy exchange" something that is all but gone poof as the owners of such facilities have changed their purpose from healing and helping to making money. No one was turned away.
My Class in 2002

At Creative Health the protocol was what Dr Ann taught, fasting on juices, mostly wheatgrass for the first four days, followed by a week of Energy Soups and more wheatgrass both orally and as anal implants.

After these first 7-10 day of liquid food we began to add some solid raw vegan foods to the protocol. Every meal was created by the clients with the help of staff. We learned in the kitchen how to take care of ourselves and how to help others return to health. We also worked in the organic garden, a small plot that supplied us with much of the veggies we consumed. Of course we grew our own wheatgrass and sprouts, mostly sunflower.

Upon leaving the only items we were offered to purchase were a juicer and a Vitamix. We left there with a book of resources that included sources for seeds, equipment and Ann’s Writings.   Any one who stayed left a different person, one who was not only healthier, but able to care and feed themselves for life.

One day while I was sunning myself out side the front door 
a car pulled up. A young man stepped out, came around the car and opened the door. Their sat a skeletal figure, a woman so thin, so weak her son, the young man, had to carry her inside. Over the next couple of weeks I got to know her, she was on loads of morphine, could’t eat and her belly was as swallow as a nine month pregnant woman’s.  The first time we interacted I was playing the upright piano located in the living room. She came and leaned her head on it and smiled. I stopped play and she groaned, pointed to me and the piano asking for more. It was then I realized she was a deaf mute yet was able to hear my music through her bones as she made contact with the piano. From that day she was my friend. I’d played for her, prayed with and for her, read her scripture and encourage her.

Every morning many of the residents would walk out between the corn fields. On one sweet day I heard someone coming up behind me a a good rate of speed. It was she, her belly now flat, off her pain meds and race walking after me with the biggest smile. I cried, she had been healed!

I was going to compare and contrast Ann’s Hippocrates with the Palm Beach facility, but they have lots of money and lawyers. So I just say this. There is no comparison. Dr Ann would not be happy. I went to them asking for help when I was dying, I was sent away because I could not pay their crazy prices and they did no offer an “energy exchange program” just “sorry, no money, no help”.  Go home and die. Shame on them.


ruby hands said...

Gabriel, I am moved by this blog post....It is so tragically true that money appears to have become the main goal for a great many "healing facilities and healers". I have only one rule which I enforce in my practice, and in every physical location I've operated out of, and it is this: Nobody shall ever be turned away due to their inability to pay a fee. I believe that an energy exchange is vital to allow for the healee to receive the maximum value from their experience, but there are many alternative currencies which I gratefully accept, some suggestions are....someone's time (the most precious commodity), an exchange of services, a gift of artwork, a meal, a book for our lending library, or a crystal/gemstone. I have always earned just enough to cover the costs of running my spiritual community/healing center, without ever having to request a ridiculous fee, or turn anyone away, & when I go home at the end of a days work I feel content & wealthy in positive vibrations and love! Oh blessed me!

gabriel said...

Thank dear one.... I sensed you had a similar mind/heart as I...