Wednesday, April 29, 2009

food aesthetics, are u being fooled?

Again today eating well is my first priority.

Eating well means eating fresh, clean, pure organic foods, prepared and eaten right…

Let me address the “clean” part. You might ask “does he mean wash my foods,” yes, for organic foods are grown with organic fertilizers, yes poo. So yes rinse your greens, but more than that organic is no guarantee of purity. So look what organic ingredients, additives or methods were used in the growing/producing of your foods…

I use some supplementation and some so-called superfoods. The other day I was looking closely at the ingredients listed on one of my favorite phytonutrient/antioxidant packed berry blend…on the very bottom of the list, actually off the list in small type I find “orange coloring.”

It didn’t say from where it was derived and I have to believe if it were from a “natural” source it would have said derived from orange peel or whatever, not just “orange coloring”… I also ask myself as a buyer of an organic superfood would it really matter to me or anyone else if the product was a little less orange?

Also is your organic “natural” food sustainable? Sustainable meaning does it take more than it gives, are its source, or the source of its components, being depleted. Last week I offered my friends information concerning farm raised salmon, how they are not only filled with more “natural” poisons than wild, but also, once again apparently because we like our food to look a certain way, are colored, colored by krill (tiny shrimp-like creatures) feed zillions of them just to make these salmon more pink.

This apparently or at least that’s the idea, we’ll take less salmon from the sea, trading overfishing salmon with taking a tremendous quantity of krill, a food source for multitudes of sea creatures form the oceans. So the question is; is the production (the farm raising) of these salmon a good thing in the long run, as a whole, looking at the big picture, who and what wins, who and what loses? These are questions we must ask ourselves. I’ve watched this happen, it began when we “suddenly” discovered that salmon was a great source of omega 3 rich protein, and even more suddenly it seems every health conscience person in America just had to eat it all the time, really? I’ll leave u with this to ponder…

Well after that you deserve something to eat… The soup de jour is cream of broccoli rice miso.

Broccoli, brown rice, shiitake mushroom, three kinds of seaweed (kelp, digitata, alaria), organic Greek yogurt, onion, miso, pinch of pepper, a touch of sea salt… Yum!

This recipe as well as much more will contained in my love’s and mine up and coming book of advice and recipes.

Big smiles… gi

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