Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you stuck?

I have a question. “Has wisdom ceased, revelation stopped, was there a time somewhere in the past when knowledge was capped?"

For years I was deeply involved with the fundamentalist christians, they believe when the bible was completed the canon closed, god stopped speaking to us. That all needed information was contained between the pages of the bible and anyone who said they "heard from god" was deceived, that those messages were from the devil. BOO!

I know know many who know me here are not fundamentalist christians and don't carry that around with you, but let me make an observation....

In the buddhist community, I'll only speak of them now for they are who I'm most familiar, but I would not be surprised if you find it also relates to the practice you may be involved, or one you know of...

I have been chastened more than once; first as a christian, now as a buddhist for saying, asking, “why do we continue to do things as they were done 1000, 2000, 5000 years ago?” Their answer to me, “this is truth, this was seen by such and such a lama, an enlightened being, the buddha said it, etc etc.”

I say that before there was (you fill in the gap) there was something else, and when the new thing arose it became "truth" so why if at that moment people were willing to accept change (btw this is the nature of all things) why do they now stay so attached to the past.

Is there not a perpetual stream of consciousness passing by each moment, is not space "information" and is not that information fresh each moment?  If you say Yes, then why not from the foundation of what was can we not make was is?

I say, no reason, none other than our propensity towards attachment, attachment to a teacher or teaching that offered us something we like, something that may have touched us. It is like tasting ice cream for the first time and falling in love with vanilla, it being your first taste, then forever putting up your nose to every new flavor Ben and Jerry creates. Oh want a waste of good information and great flavors...

This is what we do, at least many of us... I for one have been tired of it for 30 years. At times for the sake of fellowship (it is a lonely road I walk) I'd return, returned just to find myself asking the same question, “why with all this ice cream pouring from space am I still eating only one flavor, one that by now is old and tired, one that no longer relates to my palate?"

Imagine if we stopped at the horse or rubbing two sticks together.

I'm not trying to rewrite anyone’s life or practice, just see me as one who shouts from my sixth story window alerting those of what I see from my vantage point.

I love you all....

Be wise, be clear, be happy, and please be brave... gabriel


Ravi Yoga said...

Loved the article. Thanks. Would have donated but the cupboard is currently bare. I'll be back. Have you come accross this lady? 'Quotes by Daphne Rose Kingma. An Daphne Rose Kingma Quote Library | The Gaiam Blog' I think she may have totally embraced the other flavors. Much love and light to you Namaste. ♥

gabriel said...

thank u for