Friday, February 18, 2011

Kill to stop killing.......

Do we kill to stop killing?

There are groups of Buddhists who take the line "helping and protecting others" (from guru yoga) completely out of context from my view. Let me ask, should we have a great buddhist army, locked and loaded, ready to kill, in order to protect? I think not...

To protect from a buddhist view (my buddhist view) i...s like the Mahakala's protective energy, which is to protect us from wasting our lives, to protect our practice, our clear view so we will not to waste this prescious opportunity, this life. Taking martial arts classes, spending time at the gun range, etc, are all fear based activities., this time is better spent "coming to know oneself."

We know there will be suffering, we cannot stop it, it is useless; instead we what must protect is our view of what the suffering means, and allow it to do its work in our evolutionary journey...



Unknown said...

Hi Gabe,
It gets down to basics of the law of energy response. What is the emotion behind the "killing"? If anger or fear, then anger and fear is perpetuated. However, what about someone defending themselves in the moment, with no premeditated thought? Of course, Master Ni taught us that, if one raises their consciousness level, they would never find themselves in this type of situation. In TAO, it's all relative, within the moment or context of the situation. Yin withing Yang and yang within Yin! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I totally agree. Well said. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

We CHILL to not kill,
We THRILL to never kill,
We WILL to be situated in a spot
Where we won't ever care to KILL!
'Cause it is of the worst most ILL.
So why think it,
WHY drink it in..
When something does stink.
We turn up our nose.
And instead we smell a rose.

Love in Tao from Raven

Unknown said...

As a long time, 50+ years, martial arts practitioner and teacher, I disagree.
No matter what your mindset, bad things can happen. I don't look for trouble, but it found me, more than once. One time, many years ago, I was on a date; we went to a movie in Aventura; considered a "nice" neighborhood. We were walking to my car, parked close to the theater in a well lighted area when we were approached by three men who pulled knives and told us to give them our money. I was ready to hand over my cash when one of them grabbed my date and told me to leave. I wasn't about to do this and proceeded to disarm and disable the three men. We got in my car and left.
Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

gabriel said...

I will respond only with this...

The year before I was diagnosed I was attacked twice,(I lost most the my hearing in my left ear becase of one) in years before it had happened many times. I had practiced martial arts since 17 yo (that’s 1967) and at the time of my last attacked it was Aikido... I also carried a side arm everywhere I went.

That was 2001, the day I was diagnosed I knew I was doing many things wrong, one of them being my defensive posture, on “that day” I stopped "all" martial activities, even to the point of not even practicing tai chi; my pistols got locked up and I have not carried one since. The point is, since that day I have not been even approached once.

We "generate" our lives, like energies attract, I was, in an attempt to protect myself, drawing the very things towards me that would make it necessary to protect myself.

Even if today I feel a little less capable of making war, I don’t for a minute think my exchange of energy from protective to relaxed and the absence of kicking, punching, and throwing has done anything but bless my life…

This is my way, doesn't have to be yours, many are so vested in this "lifestyle” they won’t let go. I would encourage those to consider releasing those attachments...

Be well…gabriel