Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meditation.. what is it, why do we do it?

In order to answer both we must first hear what the Buddha said concerning all things, wisdom and...

Buddha said towards the end of his incarnation

“I have offered 84,000 teaching (I believe a number that is meant to say many many) something for every being to use, but don’t believe a single word I said unless it agrees with your rational mind, if not disregard it.” (the gabriel translation)

So with that in mind let’s talk about it... In the world of meditators, those with vehicles, the Tibetan Buddhists have developed the greatest number of ways to transport oneself “to the other side.”

So let us see what they say about mediation. Considering the complexity of their practice their answer is straight up; their word for meditation translates “to get to know oneself, one’s mind”... or I would say “getting to know the nature of one’s mind, or how your head works...”

So when we sit what are we watching? I know some would say we watch nothing, or what arises, or the stream of consciousness, and I have no problem with any of it, but to me the most important item that pertains to our development is “how we work” viewing this offers us much information and a little peak, a tiny ah ha into “the way things are” for we learn very quickly just how reactive, judgmental, and how we add dialog/commentary to every moment, everything we see, hear, experience... Few just live it...

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