Friday, January 29, 2021

All Strength is Not Equal

I'll soon be 71 years old and I like many men, and even women begin to think "I need to stay strong so I can maintain my lifestyle, remain upright and look good" soooo we join a gym to try and build muscle, assuming the larger our muscles the stronger we are, wrong :-o

Just because we can increase our lifting ablilty in a vacuum, laying on a bench, lifting a barbell, doesn't mean, equate to, being strong.  The strength we'd be better developing is what allows us to move this body, i.e. climbs steps, stand up, get up if we fall, and have endurance.  Our ability to do these things are actually reduced as we build muscle because as the circumference of our thighs, biceps does not make up for the weight gained.

We do get stronger as we gain muscle mass, however... your weight goes up as "the cube" of those dimensions, but your strength (ability to practically use those muscles) does not. This is why you'll never find a muscle bound rock climber, marathon runner, etc.

There is a remedy.  If you lifting weights do many repetitions with low weight, not few with much weight because the first will offer strength without bulk (size) not strength with bulk. One is useful strength, the other is moot.

The information/guidance you'll receive from the majority of "trainers" is just plain wrong. Don't place your health, your life, in their hands. They may very well kill you.

I'm a physician who works like a health coach. If you desire to live a optimal life and need help I'm here for you.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Exercise... Please be wise

A new patient in her early 60s came to me with an issue concerning dry skin. She is an avid exercise freak who cycles and runs at least one hundred miles a week. I advised her that I believed she was overworking her body ending up with a "net negative result". Then she showed me what appeared at first to be an ingrown hair on her forearm but beside this white pustule there was a very dark and evil looking spot adjoining it. She advised me that this is exactly where she wears her activity monitor multiple hours a day. She asked me to treat it bc she didn’t want to go to a dermatologist. I told her "no" and referred her to a dermatologist so I would know exactly what it was, one week later she advised me that it had been diagnosed as a squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer.

I shared this to make a couple of points. First, that over exercise at any time of life is unwise. If we look at nature we find the exercise that was taken in the past came from daily activity. Now I know because of our sedentary lifestyles most would find it impossible to meet their fitness goals without doing something intentional. I understand, but I also know that most people's fitness goals are unrealistic and in reality unnecessary. We don’t all need to look like an athlete. Most athletes are doing more harm than good, although receiving short term benefits. Secondly, exposing ourselves to unnatural radio frequencies and to expose ourselves at close proximity (even attached to our bodies) is insanity. I’ve been warning about this for years and now someone comes to me for help who is the perfect example of what these devices are capable of doing.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Emotional Rescue * * *

If you're having emotional problems, depressed, anxious, etc. You'll need to change your brain chemistry, but please don't rush to your Doctor for a chemical (Rx) to change your chemistry. Instead change your thinking, diet and sleep habits, meditate, do soft exercise, these will return you to the emotional balance you so desire. 
I promise those who suffer are not lacking the contents of an Rx, but of the items missing from the list I've offered. Don't become a slave to pharmacology, instead become the master of your own well being. 

I wish you

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I became at veggie in 1968, a raw vegan in 2001, and today a organic real food prepared properly human being. I eat just about everything as long as it has maintained its integrity, not denatured. As a matter of fact I cycle my diets from omnivore, to raw vegan to lacto-ovo veggie.

I believe any doctor or so-called health counselor (now a dime a dozen and most are worthless) who believes all their patients/clients should be vegan, veggie or anything else have missed the point. Based our lineage, health and constitution some people do well on one diet while others do terribly on the very same foods. The idea that everyone should be vegan or raw, etc is nonsense. Much of the problems people have with food is bc of its quality, its preparation, or just plain abuse of it...
                             MY FAMILY'S BUTCHER SHOP 1915

Monday, July 25, 2016

Is faith a necessity for healing and a happy life?

Is faith a necessity? 

Let’s first see what Webster says about the word.

1. Confidence or trust in a person, thing or in another's ability.

2. Belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

Let’s consider #1. Confidence or trust in a person or thing.  This is the type of faith I would not call faith but confidence. This is a decision made based on experience that has assured me “I can trust this”.  This is based on empirical evidence i.e. “I have experienced that when I press my foot on the brake pedal in my car it will stop." No faith is required here once one has experienced the car stopping. It’s done. I now have confidence in its ability to stop. 

Now for #2.  A belief that is not based on proof. Not based on proof, now this is faith, this is blind faith and this is what religions are based on and around. Myths and fairytales created by the minds of men and women who require answers to unanswerable questions, for those who cannot live with the answer “I don't know”.

Confidence is surely something that is necessary for healing and a happy life. Having confidence in the doctor and or the protocols he/she has prescribed changes the outcome.  Faith can also do this, but we must be clear that we are putting our lives and happiness in the hands of something unseen, something not based on proof. Some would say “the proof is the testimony of all those who have experienced the power of an unseen god”, but at best this is second hand information based on someone else faith and their conclusions that the outcome they’ve experienced were brought about by this unseen being.

My contention is their faith alone is enough to cause change, that something happens on a cellular when we believe and it’s not always positive. Haitians who believe in Voodoo have been known to die after being told they have been caused by the witch doctor. So it’s clear that belief affects outcome. The problem is the resulting belief system is not valid, the causative factors are misidentified and so the person if they live, live the rest of their lives believing a lie.

For me, and this is just for me. I would rather say “I don't know” and deal with the outcome, then to delude myself and live in that deluded state of mind, in that false belief.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Letting Go Does Not Equal Giving Up

Human beings, all sentient beings, hate suffering, love happiness and enjoy pleasure. Those who have either skewed their view so that their "happy place" is unattainable or unsustainable will indeed suffer. To what extent or to what extent they are able to endure this suffering will gauge whether or not someone like Robin Williams, myself, my brother who shot himself in 1990, lives or dies. Gives up.

Being a young and now an old hippie has been of benefit. I’ve never had big plans involving money, attaining so-called success, although I’ve always loved beautiful things; nice cars, bikes, glass, pottery and musical instruments, but never suffered from not attaining them and have been willing to have something almost as good without stress or injury.

Take cars. My first car was a 1961 MGA coupe, $600, yeah I wanted a Jag, a Big Healey, an Aston Martin but instead owned quite a few MG's, Triumphs, AH Bug-Eyed sprite, two Alfa's (slight better) and other less expensive European sports cars. Now some might say where is the suffering in that?  Remember folks, take my college engineering professor's advice "everything is with respect to something else".  My suffering is not yours, yours is not mine. Your threshold is unknown, you can find it, but few people give much thought to the way their mind works, they live by the motto “shit happens” or “its God’s will".  It's like they believe they are little more than a passenger on this journey called life. 

There are two very important things that occur all the time. One, things arise before our noses, second, how we react. How we react, function in the face of these momentary arisings is a reflection of our state of mind. How much weight we offer these impermanent and therefore “not so real” happenings and how much we allow them to contribute or take away from our happiness quotient.
We will suffer, it is as sure as the night will follow day. Changing our view will not stop the sun from rising and setting, but it will affect our reaction to it. All things spontaneously arise, there is no predestination nor one who predestines our moments. When we become willing to “find and live our truth” we will begin to see and experience the freedom and the joy that comes from letting go and the willingness to change our view or just “stand still/stop” when necessary.

Also, being willing to give up the idea we should have all the answers, need to have them, especially the answers to “unanswerable questions” just because we want to know. This letting go will free us from this need and also free us from the worthless guesses religions have created to satisfy our insatiable need to know.  

Unanswerable questions : Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Is there a god, God, many gods? Was the world and we creatures created by a deity? 

Ask yourself, is it fear that is motivating such questions be asked and answered?  If so, let it go “it takes courage to be happy”.  Be brave. The universe is not angry, no one in space is plotting to harm you. All this is spontaneous, all we are responsible for is how we react to it. Fear will only cause us to recoil and or strike back. Love and acceptance will free us from such protective responses and will instead leave us with arms, eyes and hearts wide open.

Receive this life with gratitude. Learn what is to be learned, and

Saturday, April 2, 2016

No Single Diet

These days people want a simple, one diet fits all approach to eating and often jump on fads rather than using their logical mind to find what's best. Someone builds a website or writes a book with pretty pictures of a pretty human being looking good after eating one way for a while and everyone wants to follow. Not So Fast…

Please don’t delude yourself into believing you have found a “diet” that if followed will always be the best for you. There is more to consider than simple guidelines i.e., eat only vegetables, eat only proteins, eat only organic, don't eat carbs, dairy, meats, etc. Such suggestions will surely lead you to a very unbalanced state.

Our lineage, where our ancestors came from, what they ate, survived on for centuries has much to do with what sustains us, what our bodies respond best to and what they reject. Let’s consider dairy. 

There are people of this world whose diet is almost completely made up of dairy. The Mongolians live off of their cattle’s milk, so do the Tibetans. Yak milk and butter not only feed them but also light their homes and their dung warms them through their cold winters. 

Others, like some tribes of Africa live not only on the milk for their animals but also on their blood, rarely killing them because owning a few head was often all they had, but milk their blood just as they milk the milk from them. The combination of blood and milk is a powerful food that make these people some of the strongest in Africa.

 Still others like the North African and Middle Eastern people live on a carbohydrate rich diet, every meal include grains, some eaten as is, some made into breads which are the foundation to their diet. So many today fear such, but upon closer examination I find there are those, especially those from these backgrounds, that exhibit no allergy at all towards gluten.

Staying with carbohydrates, grains which have been demonized in books like Grain Brain we must look towards the Asian where many such as the Japanese and Chinese live almost exclusively on rice, not only live, but thrived on it and their brains are just fine.

The evidence is clear. After generations of consuming certain food groups as their primary source of nourishment human beings have adapted on a cellular level to thrive on foods some other humans do not. Unfortunately often for the sake of selling a book or promoting a lifestyle some have demonized or promoted one group of food over another and that in my opinion is a very unwise decision.

I prefer and advise people through trial, error and investigation of their roots to identify and eat the foods they are best adapted. To not follow fad diets that some seem to do well on, but to instead use their own minds and bodies to come up with a diet that is best suited to maintain “their” optimum health.

I must close this piece by stating. There are diets to live on and others to heal on. Don’t confuse them. Many of the fads diets of the last twenty-five years began as healing protocols i.e. the vegan diet/raw food and primal diets. If you do your homework you’ll find as I did in a very practical way these diets where meant to detox and heal and that if followed beyond a certain point will injure you. I found this true when I was dying and tried to heal exclusively on the Ann Wigmore protocol.
 After a while it became debilitating, too cleansing and cold after the cleanse was over.  I found I needed to change to a Raw Fat based diet to complete my healing. Know what? It worked. 

I am available for consults both in my office and by phone. I have helped many turn their lives around. Let me help you heal and thrive…gi